Updated Tuesday August 29, 2017 by Kathy Keating.

Practice/Game/Event Cancellation

As a reminder, Saint Patrick School and Parish events follow Carlisle Area School District's schedule - when school is cancelled (or closes early), practices will also be cancelled.  

Venue Maps

If you plan to click through and use a map to reach a game venue, please do so directly from the SI Play mobile app or this website.  Alternatively, type the street address into whatever you commonly use (i.e., Garman, Mapquest, etc.). 

High School athlete emails … before you ask

At present, only those created as an "Adult" in your account have the ability to receive emails/communiques through the Sports Illustrated Play system.  While the SI support team is working on this, the feature is not yet available.  

Electronic Calendar

I am aware of two methods to link the team schedule to an electronic calendar. 

Once logged in, head to your Team webpage; click on Schedule in the left column.  It will default to a list view.  Four buttons span the top right.  Click on the red ICal button; a Subscribe button will appear. 

     Option 1: Left click on Subscribe.  It will link to your default calendar after you grant permission.

     Option 2: Right click on Subscribe and choose “copy link address”.  

Those of you that have a Google Calendar will add this address as your “other calendar.”   I happen to keep my family's calendar on Cozi.com.  I had success with Option 2.    

SI Play mobile app 

If you have a smartphone, you may wish to explore the free SI Play mobile app.  (N.B.: Sign in is required to gain access.**)


**The username and password are the same as used to register your athlete.