Updated Thursday October 5, 2017 by SPPAA.

Welcome to the Saint Patrick Parish Athletic Association (SPPAA) website and sports registration program!

Saint Patrick Parish is located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  The SPPAA currently administers six athletic activities for students who attend Saint Patrick School and Saint Patrick Parish Religious Education Program.  All properly enrolled and age-qualified children who express a desire to compete in a sport will be given an opportunity to participate on an inter-parish team. 


Sport Grade Season Practice Registration opens
Soccer 5 - 8 August - October Sunday, 2:30-4:30pm, Rockledge mid-May
Volleyball 6 - 8  September - October  Mon/Thurs, 2:30-4pm, PAC August
Cross Country  7 - 8 August - October  Mon/Thurs, 5:30-7pm, Trinity HS Summer
Basketball 3-12 November - January Team dependent mid-Sept.: Grade School 
November : High School 
Cheerleading 2 - 8 October - January Squad Dependent mid-September 
Track & Field 3 - 8 March - May  Mon/Thurs, 5-6:30pm  January


SPPAA Hardship Policy
Each athlete participating in one of SPPAA's programs is asked to pay a modest fee which contributes toward the purchase of uniforms, sports' equipment, tournament fees, referee fees, awards, and first aid supplies.  That said, it has long been SPPAA policy that athletes will not be precluded from participation in SPPAA programs due to financial hardship. Parents/guardians may contact SPPAA’s Athletic Director with fee reduction requests.